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A deadly New Year’s Day in 1945

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After the Battle of the Scheldt, the II Canadian Corps took over the Nijmegen salient from the 30th British Corps on 9 November 1944. Their forward positions stretched from Cuijk, opposite the Reichswald, across the ‘Arnhemse island’ to Maren. They dug in along the Maas an

The Dutch Military Order of William for Major Falloon

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During the foggy and cold night of December 19/20, 1944, Operation Dynamite started. This so-called ‘Fighting Patrol’ of the Canadian South Saskatchewan Regiment was aimed at capturing a German soldier in the area around the Breedeweg in Groesbeek.  Operation Dynamite The

Operation Mickey Finn | 7 December 1944

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 The planning of operation Mickey Finn A typical example of this well-organised practice was ‘Mickey Finn’, which was a Canadian operation undertaken near Knapheide, to the south of Groesbeek near the Dutch/German border, by the D Company of the Black Watch (Royal Highlan