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Battle of the Ruhr Triangle

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On January 16, 1945, the fog clears and the British launch Operation Blackcock. The aim of this operation is the liberation of the Roer Triangle between Roermond and Susteren. Although the scale of the operation is not particularly large, it is a special operation. Operation Blackcock

The Battle of Geilenkirchen

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On November 18, 1944, the Allies launched an offensive to capture the German city of Geilenkirchen. As the city was on the German border of the British and American armies, Geilenkirchen was captured in a combined Anglo-American operation called Clipper. It was the first battle on Ger

The bridge of Remagen

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On March 7, 1945, Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Engeman commanded a task force of the US 14th Tank Battalion and the 27th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. This task force was on its way to Remagen, a small town on the Rhine. Lundendorff Rhine Bridge Early in the afternoon, scouts from the